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Decades Active: 10's, 20's

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Brent Smith, frontman
Zach Myers, guitarist

Members of: Shinedown

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Smith & Myers is an American acoustic duo consisting of Brent Smith and Zach Myers, best known as the vocalist and guitarist, respectively, of the rock band Shinedown. The duo formed in 2014, initially as a side project, to explore a different musical direction and showcase their songwriting abilities in a more stripped-down, intimate setting.

Brent Smith and Zach Myers had already established themselves as prominent figures in the rock music scene through their work with Shinedown, a multi-platinum-selling band known for their powerful anthems and energetic live performances. However, with Smith & Myers, the duo aimed to showcase a different side of their musical personalities, focusing on acoustic arrangements and heartfelt storytelling.

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In October 2014, Smith & Myers released their debut EP, simply titled “Volume 1.” The EP featured acoustic renditions of songs from Shinedown‘s catalog, as well as cover versions of tracks by artists such as The Clash and The Rolling Stones. The stripped-down arrangements allowed Smith’s emotive vocals and Myers’ intricate guitar work to take center stage, highlighting the duo’s chemistry and musical prowess.

Following the success of “Volume 1,” Smith & Myers continued to release additional volumes of acoustic covers and original songs. Their subsequent releases included “Volume 2” (2016) and “Volume 3” (2020), which further showcased the duo’s versatility and songwriting prowess. The original songs often delved into personal and introspective themes, offering listeners a glimpse into the duo’s innermost thoughts and emotions.

In addition to their studio recordings, Smith & Myers have also embarked on several acoustic tours, performing intimate shows in smaller venues across the United States. Their live performances are characterized by their dynamic chemistry, engaging storytelling, and stripped-down arrangements, allowing audiences to experience their music in a more intimate and personal setting.

Despite their success as a duo, Brent Smith and Zach Myers have continued to maintain their commitment to Shinedown, balancing their work with Smith & Myers with their responsibilities to the band. Through their acoustic project, the duo has demonstrated their versatility as musicians and songwriters, earning praise for their emotive performances and heartfelt songwriting.

Overall, Smith & Myers have established themselves as a compelling acoustic duo, captivating audiences with their raw talent, authentic storytelling, and dynamic performances. With their continued dedication to their craft, they remain a formidable presence in the world of rock music.


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